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Roxtreme Band Requirements

After you read through this and if you are interested in being booked just email or message us. If it is obvious that you have not read any of this information or if you do not meet our requirements, we reserve the right to not contact you back.  Before any band/artist is booked we require that you complete our information/application form which, in part, states that you have read through our requirements and are in agreement. 

We determine who we would like to play Roxtreme just like every other venue that exists... We have preferences. But, what are those preferences based on?  For us it's these things, in this order:

  • Your message.  We do not need (or even want) every band to be a cheerleading squad for God, but we only want bands that are a positive influence and preferably have a worldview.  We believe that we are here to point people to the Love of God and your message should not make that more difficult.

  • Energy, passion and engagement.  Who wants to see a group or artist that looks like they are bored-to-death, or who  acts like it is a big inconvenience to play another show and would rather be somewhere else?

  • Attitude and example.  Like it or not, in our culture if you are a musician then you are a leader... a role model... and much more.  Treat people (fans, volunteers, other bands, etc.) as people - with respect and kindness.  Be a good example.

  • Cooperation.  It's nice to have good communication and help. 

Here are our main requirements:

1) Roxtreme is a Christian Venue.  You do not need to be a "Christian" band but the message and influence needs to be positive.  No profanity on stage, off stage or even online.  Also no suggestive or deviant themes will be permitted in your lyrics. Our purpose as a ministry is to support the local music scene and at the same time create an environment to show the love of God while having good, clean fun.

2) We need to hear your music before booking you.  This typically means we need some type of recording.  We may ask for a copy of your lyrics before you can play. If it would be beificial, we would like to help promote the shows by putting up a song on our Facebook/MySpace and website for people to hear, that means we will need you to email us a copy of one song. MP3 format preferred.  Alternatly, you could point us to an online location that allows imbeding - YouTube seems to be the most popular at the moment. 

3) Equipment. A list of your equipment would be helpful to us (but not required). We are providing a very basic sound system.  If you wish to use your own system we need extra info for planning, especially since there is a stream running through the middle of our venue.  We plan on our system to grow as the venue matures.  You obviously need to bring your own instruments, cords, plugs, amps, extension cords, and anything else you may need. Please let us know ahead of time if you will have any special equipment that you would like to hook into our system.

4) We will take care of our bands as much as we can, but we are just starting up and we work things a bit differently. We have a suggested donation from everyone at each show.  But people are welcome to donate whatever they can afford or whatever they think is appropriate.  We really want this to be a "donation", we will not try to "twist anyone's arm" for a "donation".  We will set you up with a merchandise table (see next item) when we know that you hav merch to sell.  We hope to eventually have a simple meal for each artist and band member, but we do not expect to be able to start at the beginning offering this service.   

The suggested donations go 100%  to the bands/artists.  We have a formula where all the entry donations are split evenly between each of the bands/artists playing for that particular show - with the main variable being distance traveled.  This distance variable is to help offset costs of traveling to Roxtreme.  We are not encouraging any touring artists to go out of their way at this time.  

We try hard  to not make a big deal about it, but if the show is good for you, consider making a donation to the venue. 

5) Merchandise Tables. You are provided with a basic table, approximately 6 feet long. You may set up displays as creatively as you wish, and sell your products for whatever you like. You keep 100% of your money, we do not ask for any percentage/split.  You may also request donations at your merch table, but we ask that you encourage your fans to donate only after they have meet or exceeded the entry donation. 

6) Promotion.  It is important to generate as much interest in each show as possible for several reasons:

  • The more people that come, the more people we can reach.

  • The more people that come, the more word about you gets out. 

  • The more people that come, the more fun we have. 

  • The more people that come, the more potential donors. 

How many people come to each show will depend largely on the promotion of the bands.  We expect each band/artist to at least:

  • List the show with all the details on your website, MySpace, Facebook, etc... and to keep the listing up-to-date if any details change.

  •  Invite people personally.  Word of mouth is still the best promotion.

  • Distribute fliers both personally and publicly as well as (maybe, especially) online. 

7) Arrival. You are asked to arrive between an hour and a half to an hour before the show starts in order to stage all your equipment and (in most cases) have a quick sound check. We like to have all bands unloaded before the first band starts so it does not distract from their set. All arrival times will be confirmed before the show.

The band entrance is 40.111849 -77.670051 - See below...

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(Yes, it is a small, wooded path...

8) Be aware that we have no insurance of any kind.  A main part of the reason why we operate with donations, etc. is to try to keep cost down.  Look here and here to learn more. 

9) Treat the facilities and equipment well.  We have NO operating budget and survive only on donations and a bit from concession sales.  The venue will be able to do very little if the equipment is abused and can't be replaced. 

10) Final note. We consider Roxtreme an outreach ministry. Remember your environment when you are here. Everything must be kept clean and positive because this is a ministry. Bands are held to a higher standard, so be aware of what you are portraying to your fans, fellow Christians, and anyone else at the event.  Feel free to use your time to share your faith and words of encouragement to those who have come to hear.

Thank you for considering playing at Roxtreme.  If you are booked to play, it is sure to be a great time for everyone. Thanks again and remember to keep God first and foremost.

-Bruce Bradford, Roxtreme

Other area Christian friendly venues in a two hour (or so) driving radius. 

Thanks to many other area venues for much of this text, especially the 2nd Friday Concert Series in Greencastle, PA. 

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Even though we are just starting out we are already getting a little slack from some people because we are requesting an application and have such a "humongous" list of requirements. 

We don't see that we are that different in requirements from other Christian venues, we just want to make everything clear up front so everyone stays friendly. 

It seems to us better to not have surprises after you are here. 

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