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Roxtreme Boards!


What kind of boards are welcome at Roxtreme?

There is no kind of skateboard that we do not allow, as long as a human powers them.  But, we do have some rules about the boards themselves.  See our board rules... coming soon.

We expect to see almost exclusively standard skateboards,  but as mountain boards gain in popularity we would hope that they start showing up to try some of the dirt jumps and such. 

Skate Disciplines:

In general, most skaters don't like to be put into a box about their riding style, but skaters ride in nearly as many varied ways and environments as bikes.  From down mountain sides to focusing almost exclusively on flat ground tricks.

To Be Fair...

Most of what is set up so far at Roxtreme is more bike oriented... BUT, we welcome skaters and plan to have more for skaters as time goes forward and funds allow. 

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Board Types



mountain Board

Mountain board

Long Board

Crazy Board
Crazy Board

BMW Board

BMW Skate Board