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Roxtreme Why??

Why does Roxtreme need to exist?  Is there really a point?  Aren't biking and skating just fringe activities that "breed" crime?  Won't the kids destroy the place and cause problems?

Obviously the questions with negative connotations have their root based in someone's experience, but the stereotypes can be broken.

People that ride bikes and boards are just that, people... some good, some bad.  Most just want to ride.  Skaters particularity seem to have a negative image, but quite a bit of that is based on the cultures history and the fact that skaters are often treated as second (or third) class citizens. 

We want Roxtreme to be a place where extreme sports of many kinds can thrive AND  to foster a culture that points people to the total and complete reason why they exist at all.  We believe that we are ALL created in the image of God and were made specifically for a relationship with Him.

To0 often the church has a tendency to reject those who it sees as unreachable.  Roxtreme wants to help change that in this part of the world.  We are seeking out local churches to connect with that are willing to love as Christ loved. 

We see Roxtreme as more than a place to ride.  More than a place to hang out.  More than a music  venue.  More than a park or facility.  We see it as a place where people can be introduced to why they exist and as a lure to pull folks into God's family, His church. 

What can you do to help?

You can invest in the lives of our youth in the form of in-kind and cash donations to complete construction of the park. Some of the in-kind materials we will require include: concrete, fencing, landscaping (trees, shrubs, dirt and mulch), benches and picnic tables, lighting, shed and labor (to install any of the needed materials). You can sit in on one of the meetings if you like. You can pray - never underestimate the power of prayer! You can start spreading the word about the park. As we draw near to the date of completion, you can help with the actual building of the park. You can become a sponsor. We currently are sponsored by GloryStar, FlameWorks and FWW. If you need more detailed information, send us an email message with any questions. 

When asked why people got involved or were interested, here’s some of the responses.

* “To give the kids a safe environment...”,
* “To bring these kids to Christ and let them see you can still have fun with Jesus”,
* “I would like to see a safe harbor for kids that are searching for a true meaning in life and need to find it in an environment they feel safe in and have others that they can relate to”,
* “I have a burden for reaching teens, especially those that fall through the cracks of a “typical” youth ministry”,
* “...where kids and adults that love to skate will be able to go and skate and fellowship with other Christians”,
* “I am motivated to do whatever it takes to see this place complete”,
* “This ride park will allow me to serve God while being close to the things I love”,
* “I will do anything to help further the kingdom of God ”.

What are the benefits of donating to the park?

* Helping the community, knowing that a safe environment is being provided for kids.
* Possibly be included in local media coverage. (radio, newspaper, web). You will also appear in our Sponsor Directory on this site, which will include the names of all who have donated. Tax deduction: Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

*Merchandising for skating and biking companies
* Christians: Being able to participate in God’s ministry through giving and knowing that you had a part in reaching kids for Christ..

Finally, association with a community-minded project such as this reflects well on a business’ reputation. The Bible says, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,” (Proverbs 22:1).


Mission Purpose

  • Reaching people for Christ in a relevant way
  • Meeting them right where they are with real relationships.
  • Provide a "safe" place for people to spend time.
  • Provide a place for local bands to get to know and influence fans. 

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