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Directions and Site Navigation Map

Locations marked Marker on Forge Hill Road are Roxtreme elements and features.  Click on any of these for details and pan and zoom in.  It can be especially helpful to turn on the satellite view when zoomed in and panning around.  Click here for a interactive map with more detail and future plans.

For address and directions go to the contact page.  We share parking area with FlameWorks.

Callouts marked Push Pin are for our alternative locations at the Roxbury Camp, used, when available, in poor weather and the off season. 

When we have shows at the Roxbury Holiness Camp in warm weather months it will usually be last minute, and only if the weather mandates it and if the camp has a building available.  Here are maps for the camp grounds marking the SUNBEAM CENTER and (coming when needed) the Berean Center

Click on the callouts Push Pin for more information about each feature/building.  You may want to take the time to look at the detailed map of the Roxbury Camp and look for buildings marked on our map.  The Sunbeam Center (to the West) and the Berean Center (to the East) to get a feel where they are within the grounds.  The directions page for the Roxbury camp.  

View Roxtreme Navigation Map (this map) in a larger map - this is also a good way to use Google Maps for navigation.