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Roxtreme Extreme Wagon

Have you ever been on a hay wagon ride?  A hay ride as it is usually called?  Of course you have, nearly every American has been on a hay wagon ride at some point in their lives.  For many it is a yearly tradition.   Even most who have grown up in a urban environment (the city) have been out to the country at least once to twice to go on a hay wagon ride.

So, a regular hay ride typically involves a tractor (or sometimes a horse or two), a wagon, some hay (actually it is usually straw) and lap or two around the pumpkin patch.   Someone will probably hold your hand to help you on and off the wagon.

Ours is kind of like that... TIMES TEN!!!

So, what is an extreme wagon ride?  Is there really any difference, or is it just hype?

The main ingredient of our extreme wagon rides is intensity.  Look to the right and see some of the ingredients that we feel make our extreme wagon rides, well, extreme. 

We are hoping this fall to have a music based wagon ride... More later.

Also, we try to have at least one or two hay-less (straw less) rides each session to accommodate our allergy inflicted friends.

Extreme  Wagon

What is an extreme wagon ride?

Well, it's not really too much different that a regular hay ride...


  Significant Inclines

●  Streams Crossing

●  Creek Crossings

●  Drop offs

●  Varied Routes

●  Unpredictability

●  Hype  (you want honesty, right?)

●  More...