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The way Roxtreme is set up - We NEED PEOPLE  to accomplish anything... BECAUSE we are artist/rider built!

  • We are still on sabbatical.  But we will be scheduling shows again soon! 
  • For those that pay close attention.  We are scheduling shows closer to the actual concert dates due to possible changes in employment with volunteers.  We hope to be back to scheduling 6 weeks out (on average) in the future. 
  • ATTENTION! Tonight's Show (Oct. 2nd) moved indoors due to the weather forecast! We will be having the show at Blue Mountain Assembly of God.
    Don't miss it! This will be fun!
  • Stillglow show under the FULL MOON on Friday, Sept. 4th
  • NOTICE: Due to extremely wet weather we had to move the "It's Electric Show to the ROXBURY CAMP.  Look at our map page and find the SUNBEAM CENTER, the left of the two blue push-pins.   There is also now a page to help find the SUNBEAM CENTER within the Roxbury Camp ground. 
  • Scheduling second Show now: It's Electric.  Show Schedule
  • First Show promises to be a historic event!
  • HEY, Look at this!  Roxtreme is going to be at Uprise Fest (formerly VerticalFest) again this year!  But, this year we will be expanding.  There are plans for contests, games and more!  The main news is that we will be hosting a local band stage (Roxtreme Artist Showcase Stage)... details to follow.  Click here for updates.
  • GloryStar has donated a great satellite system to Roxtreme... It is going to pump videos to an outside TV in the beginning of the season and we will be setting it up in the new building sometime this summer - if all goes as planned.  We are really excited to be able to provide good, solid entertainment for when the weather turns sour.
  • Did you know there are hidden pages on this site?
  • May 7th, 2008 - Waiver Complete
    The Roxtreme WaiverPDF Icon  is complete and ready to download, print and submit.  Starting VERY soon the waiver will be required to ride or participate in any Roxtreme sports or events. 
  • Early Spring 2008
    The Roxtreme website is nearing completion. 
  • Winter 2007
    The Roxtreme website and concept was further refined.
  • Late Fall 2007
    We had enough help to move two ramps and start some basic "park" riding.  We need more ramp help, not only to move ramps, but to recondition ramps.
  • Fall 2007
    A handful of local riders helped move dirt around to begin the jump track. 
  • Back to School 2007/2008
    Blue Mountain AG received a donation of ramps for Roxtreme.
  • Summer 2007
    The Roxtreme concept was planted.

What's  Going On?

Riders needed!!!

Don't forget...

Roxtreme is FOR riders, built BY riders...

This means we need to you help!

This same concept applies to bands and musicians as well.  We want the venue to be musician built and operated.   Call or email for details. 

This Week!

We are still on sabbatical.  But we will be scheduling shows again soon! 

We have had some pretty sweet shows.  More to come!  Keep an eye on the show schedule.

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