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Roxtreme Rules!

Rules are a part of life.
If you don't agree with the rules you have two choices:

Live with them and adhere to them quietly.
Don't come out too ride or hang out at Roxtreme.


  • Treat people with respect.  Whether they are riders, musicians, volunteers or just hanging out.  There is no "class" distinction at Roxtreme.  People first!
  • No forms of tobacco, alcohol or any type of drug will be tolerated. 
  • No violence, threats of violence or even mean spirited teasing.  Treat people of all ages with respect, not ignorance.


  • Although nothing can guarantee that you will be "safe", consider protective gear.  Helmet, gloves, pads, etc.  Shoes and shirts are always mandatory for riding.
  • Ride within your limits.
  • Ride with respect to others.  Watch their lines.  Share the space.
  • Ride at a slow pace first round back to determine if changes have been made since your last session. 


  • Respect the musicians on stage. 
  • Dancing/moshing may be permitted in the front area for most shows. Please be considerate of guests who want to watch the show by not obstructing others' view and don't pull anyone in who is not interested.
  • If someone falls down, help them up. 
  • Consider ear protection when appropriate, hearing loss is a big deal. 


  • Treat the facilities like you want to come back.  Try to leave with things in a little better condition than they were when you arrived. 
  • Put trash in cans or take with you for disposal.
  • Report damage to grounds, equipment or ramps and any hazardous conditions. 



Activity Specific Rules

Biking & Scooter Rules

Skating & Inline Rules

Venue Rules