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Roxtreme Water

There is a lot of water in, at and around Roxtreme: many ponds, streams, creeks, small hidden pools (mini ponds) and even the Conodoquinet Creek plays a significant part in the overall water picture.

The "Rock Stream" for which Roxtreme was named was formed largely because of excess water and a need to try to redirect that water. 

As you may have noticed this page is somewhat hidden and the main thing that that might indicate to you  is that we are still trying to decide how to manage the water portion of Roxtreme.

Many people have asked us about the old pool.  It really is not a pool anymore and it never was a pool in the modern sense.  It is a large, concrete, spring-fed pond really.  We tried draining it once and the lower the water level drops with pumps the faster the spring feeds in. 

We don't have an idea how (or if) the old-timers kept it clean, but we are open to suggestions.   



There are a few boats available.