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Roxtreme Band Application

If you have read through the information on the requirement page and agree to everything then download the application/info sheet and get it back to us. 

Please Note: Because of the current dual purpose (Uprise Fest and Roxtreme) we are getting applications from much further areas geographically  than we would have ever imagined.  It probably does not make too much sense for bands that are a great distance from South Central, PA to apply.  We are not trying to shut anyone down, or be discouraging... but, if you need to drive  hours and hours and cross multiple state lines it would probably be daunting to you - at best.

All downloads are the SAME FORM - just different formats. 

Download Arrow Artist Application - Open Office Format Open Office This version is for the more computer savvy, although it should be quite simple if you have Open Office.  You can download this, fill it out and email it right back to us.  This is the fastest, easiest to manage and can be truly paperless.  Open Office is the FREE office suite that is quite solid and is really making inroads against Micro$oft. 

Download Arrow Artist Application - PDF Format pdf  You can (in most versions) fill out the form by typing  and print it out and mail it to us OR you can print it out and fill it out by hand and mail it to us.  Soon you will also be able to fax it in. 

Download Arrow Artist Application - Microsoft Word MicroSoft Word This is the Microsoft Word version.  Word can be a pain with variations between different versions, be we know it's most people's first choice.  TEMPORARILY OFF LINE.  Being rebuilt.

Some info for returning the form....

We have had people send the app back as screen shot or an image (jpg, tif, etc.) file.  Some have ripped the text and there have been other creative ways as well.  We are taking all the data you give us and putting it in a database, so it doesn't matter too much to us what form you send it to us, but the ideal format for us is Open Office IF it is not a big strain for you.  Our second choice would be something other than an image so we can copy and paste your responses.  But, again, ANYthing that works for you we will be happy to work with. 

Here is our email address:

Have some questions about how to fill out the application?  Click Here

Are you another venue or an outreach ministry in the South Central, PA region.  We have developed this application with hopes that it benefits more than just Roxtreme.  Fell free to email us for details. 

Application/Info Sheet Help

We are asking bands to fill out a form so that we can gather information to  most effectively serve both the artists and the fans in scheduling shows, etc...


Have some questions about the paperwork?  Click Here