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Roxtreme Venue - Bands & Music!

Roxtreme is in the continual process of becoming an unbelievable cool venue, comparable to nothing else that we know or have heard of.  Although many parts an pieces are very simple, the overall experience is pretty distinct. 

We will feature almost exclusively local music. Music in every genre ranging the full spectrum with the core of most of the music focusing on and around rock.  Almost always, like styles are booked together. 

The venue is outside most of the year.  There is a (sometimes) covered stage for the musicians and and open, amphitheater type setting for the audience.  There is a stream running through the venue that adds a unique dynamic and we believe that the acoustics are better than average for outdoor shows.

The other component that we are working on cultivating is having a place where musicians can hang out, be themselves and get to know their fans... who are their friends.

We have shows at the main venue, around bonfires and eventually in a building at Roxtreme.  Rain/Cold weather shows are held at a local facility less than (as the crow flies) one mile a way!  See the map.

If you are an artist or band looking to play at Roxtreme, click here for an overview of what we are all about.  

Other area Christian friendly venues within a 3 hour drive, most much closer than 3 hours.  Give us feedback if we are missing any!

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What do you think of outdoor shows? 

They can be just about the greatest venue to see your favorite band or artist. 

Of course, the weather can be uncooperative and turn things into a real mess... or even freeze or cook everyone. 

But a bit of  bad weather can make a rocking show a major memory.

Things To Know

Simple, think primitive

● Seating, think ground (who sits at most shows?)

Outside, think weather, temperature, etc...

● New, think learning curve, dirt and basics. 

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