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What other venues are in the South Central, Pennsylvania Region?

NOTE: We are sad to say, most - maybe all of these are gone.... We will update in the future. 

We are starting to list (by proximity) other venues that host Christian shows or are friendly to Christian bands and artists.  We hope to add detail as time goes by for contact info and websites.   If you see anything missing or wrong, let us know, especially if there is a venue we have missed entirely.

We are not necessarily endorsing all of these venues, in fact, some we have not even been to...

Venue Name Type Contact Town Distance
Corner Coffee CH World Wide Web Shippensburg 10 miles
C & C Coffee  CH World Wide Web MySpace Logo  Chambersburg 14 miles
Bard Hall Concert Series MVH MySpace Logo  Chambersburg  15 miles
Cross Rock Cafe  CHC  World Wide Web  MySpace Logo  Chambersburg   15 miles 
On What Grounds  CH MySpace Logo  Chambersburg   15 Miles
Hot Java  CH World Wide Web   MySpace Logo Chambersburg    16 Miles 
2nd Friday Concert Series MVC  World Wide Web  MySpace Logo  Greencastle  31 miles 
Smithsburg Valley Church CVC World Wide Web Smithsburg, MD 36 miles
ONE Worship CH World Wide Web Smithsburg, MD 36 miles
FireHouse MVC MySpace Logo Dillsburg, PA  37 miles
Paramount Cafe  MVC MySpace Logo  Hagerstown, MD 37 miles
The Attic Coffeehouse CHC MySpace Logo Hagerstown, MD 38 Miles
The Championship CV World Wide Web  MySpace Logo  Lemoyne, PA 47 miles
The House of One Accord  HV  MySpace Logo  Harrisburg  49 miles 
The Noteworthy CV World Wide Web  MySpace Logo  Bedford, PA 56 miles
Club 19 CV MySpace Logo York, PA 64 miles
The Refuge  MVC MySpace Logo  Frederick, MD 66 miles
The Coffee Table  CH MySpace Logo  Frederick, MD  69 miles 
Ichthus Coffeehouse CHC World Wide Web  York, PA 71 miles
Warehouse 54 CVC World Wide Web  MySpace Logo  Manheim, PA 77 miles
Jumpin Java  CH World Wide Web  MySpace Logo  Charles Town, WV 79 miles
Chameleon Club CV World Wide Web Lancaster, PA 82 miles
Emmaus Road Cafe'  MVC World Wide Web  MySpace Logo  Lancaster, PA 86 miles
The Spike Music Venue  MV? MySpace Logo  Various - Hamburg area  90+ 
The PowerHouse / Genxaret CV World Wide Web  MySpace Logo Columbia, MD 109 miles
The Overflow CVC World Wide Web  MySpace Logo Savage, MD 114 miles
Cafe 172  MVC  MySpace Logo  Glen Burnie, MD 118 miles
PCB Cafe 
  Pottstown 124 miles
The Agora Cafe (unverified) ? MySpace Logo  Pottstown 124 miles
Gethsemane Christian Shows CVC MySpace Logo Allport, PA 128 miles
The Refuge Cafe    Quakertown, PA  142 
The Scarlet Cord CVC World Wide Web  MySpace Logo Brookville, PA 145
Solid Rock Cafe' CVC World Wide Web Waynesboro, VA 182


Code Chart

CH - Coffee House

CHC - Coffee House - Church/Ministry Based

CV - Club Venue

CVC - Club Venue, Christian   

HV - House Venue

MVC - Monthly Venue, Church/Ministry Based

MVH - Monthly Venue

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