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What kind of bands are welcome at Roxtreme and what is Roxtreme about?

If you happened to read through all the pages about bikes, boards and blades you probably think we are going to say all kinds of music will be welcome...   and pretty much we are... all music styles are great, BUT what does the music say?  What message does it convey?

If you want to play at Roxtreme we have some requirements that are relatively simple, but not always welcomed by everyone. 

Although Roxtreme does not push anything down anybodies throat, we are a Christian outreach and we feel responsible for what music is played at the venue.  If you or your band would like to play at Roxtreme we don't exclude any certain style and you don't have to play only "Christian" music, but your music does need to reflect a Christian worldview and be positive.  We are always all ages, so we may even be a little sensitive  about some intense songs with a great message, particularly if we don't know you yet.

We welcome any genre of Christian bands at Roxtreme.  We generally schedule like styles together: i.e. rock with rock, heavy with heavy.  Pop with pop, etc...  We have an average of 4 bands per show. We have recently started back and are scheduling shows weekly - On Friday nights.

At some point we envision that there may be TWO categories of "shows".  We are still working on what to call each, but basically they will be a "sanctioned" shows and open shows.  We are starting only with "sanctioned" (this phrase will change!) shows and basically we mean that they are official and promoted by Roxtreme and the individual bands/artists. 

We need to write much more on this later, but we are hoping that at some point soon Roxtreme will be a very different venue in that musicians will come to play because they are musicians, not because they are stars or performers. 

Sum It Up

In other words, from our perspective (as riders) whatever talent most people have is cultivated out in the public.  Bikers learn their newest trick typically by trying again and again and eventually getting it right.  They may crash dozens of times, maybe hundreds.  And eventually they get the trick dialed... or, maybe even have to give up.  But they ride because of the love of the sport.  The occasional contest or show is a highlight, but they ride because that is who they are.   

What if there was a place where the musicians are just people who love music.  They practice what they love the way a skater or biker practices his or her new trick... in the open, maybe failing sometimes.  But they play for the love of the music, not the fame.  Not the show, but the music... or maybe, even something bigger. 

Have you read all the way through?  This is not your typical venue...

Information Sheet

We are asking bands to fill out a information sheet so that we can gather data to  most effectively serve both the bands and the fans in scheduling shows, etc...


Information Sheet/Application


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