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Roxtreme Rules! - Bike

All the general rules apply if you are a biker or if ride a scooter, but there are some specific rules that pertain to your sport.


  • Your equipment must be in reasonable shape.  No sharp edges or unusual protrusions that could cut you or others.  This can include bar ends without grips. 
  • No kick stands or most chain guards.
  • No novelty accessories that are likely to increase the chance of injury.  i.e. bike horns, bells, etc...
  • Accessories (like reflectors) need to be firmly attached.
  • Take greater care if you are riding with pegs, platforms or bar horns.

Traffic patterns

One of the cool things about bikes (over skateboards) is being able to ride virtually anywhere, however we kindly ask you to think about where you are riding and how you are riding there. 

  • Keep an eye out for people on foot, whether on or off on of the tracks.  If you have an tight bike, this is especially important as they may not hear you coming up from behind or the side.
  • Don't ride your bike with speed on any gravel path that is just for foot traffic.  Typically  6' wide or less.
  • Don't ride on transition areas especially the venue area or in vegetation buffer zones used to control erosions.



Roxtreme Sign

This is not our sign, but we like it.