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Roxtreme Testimonials

What people are saying.

These are some comments, statuses and snippets of information we have harvested from the social networks... Since we have "taken" these, we aren't putting names up, but if you want credit - speak up, we want to give it to you...

"Roxtreme was amazing =D I haven't slept yet and I don't think I will"

"Roxtreme was great"

"The show tonight was sweet!"

"Last night's show was fun"

"Show at ROXTREME tomorrow!!!" (from a band member)

"Roxtreme is now our favorite venue. The show was definitely something legendary"

"I love this place, except for the bugs"

"Love the Stage!"  (this may have been a joke, who knows..)

"I always love Roxtreme show's, they're the best"

"There is no place like Roxtreme... can we convince them to host shows daily?  How about at least a few times per week? "

"Please, in the future though keep us in mind to play, because we'd really love to. I know you guys hold some sweet shows - so we for sure want to make it out, just not this time"



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