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What T0 Know Before You Go

Before you come to one of our shows here are some things you should be aware of... read them all please! 

Money and Finances

  • Every penny of the cover charge for the shows at Roxtreme is split among pennythe artists, enabling you to directly support local music, not just with your attendance, but also with your dollars... and pennies.
  • Roxtreme is non-profit and generates operating  funds via donations, concession sales, merchandise sales, and the like. 

Venue Details 

  • Our venue is outside and very simple.  Think primitive, like a nice camping trip.  Well, nice if you like camping! Camp Chair
  • If you wish to sit, bring a chair or a blanket.  We do have some pallets (skids) but they are not too great for long term seating. 
  • If the weather turns we may have to change plans.  This could include canceling or rescheduling a show.  Sad, but possible.
  • There is a pretty good amount of walking, things are spread out a bit.
  • We have some bugs, but very little compared to how much water is around.  If you use bug spray please use it conservatively, respecting  the health of those around you. 
  • Most shows - if they have a posted ending time - leave a bit of a buffer for things not to go perfect or for music to break out after the last act is officially over. 

Legal Details 

  • We have no insurance.  
  • You are visiting and participating at your own risk. 

Parking and similar Details 

  • Park in the FlameWorks driveway.  See the contact page for details.
  • Overflow parking is out by the FlameWorks sign, toward the road, in the grass. 
  • More details to follow...

Bad Weather and off Season

  • We try not to cancel shows if the weather is bad, but this depends on circumstances.  Our map page shows the location of our alternate site and the show listings will be updated if the weather looks like it may be a problem. 
  • Off season shows are held at an alternate location.  Details to follow. 



For Bands / Artists

We try to do what we can to make it easy for you... but, this is an outside venue and more importantly it is a new venue. 

In decent weather you can pull right up to the back of the stage for load/unload.  In wet weather it may be a bit harder. 

The stage is covered, at least it should be covered by the time you arrive.  We are working on it. 

We keep plastic bags/tarps and such for covering equipment if needed. 

We are working on getting tables, etc, for merch.  We do not have them yet.

We have no insurance and no operating budget or funds.  100% of the cover goes to the artists.  We will ask you for a donation, but never press you.

Be responsible for your own equipment and stuff.  We will try to help as much as we can... but, it is your stuff. 

100% of the cover goes to the artists/bands.  We try to never have more than one "traveling band" so that the dollars flow a bit easier to everyone.